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Meet Majestic Eats Food Truck

Rocky Mountains Business Compass met with Majestic Eats food truck in Woodland Park, Colorado. Benjamin Newell, his wife and family were awesome and welcoming on the sunny day that we met. DoorDash is one the food delivery apps that is very popular and has become a necessity if you are into food service. They had signed up for DoorDash and this was an opportunity to get to know them.

Majestic Eats really is comfort food. Food like hamburgers, fries, donuts, pasta and wings. The type of food that is great on summer days and most can be eaten by hand.  They allowed me to sample the food on their menu. 

Like a lot of people in the Colorado Springs greater area, Benjamin Newell and his family are not from Colorado. They relocated here from back east, the Ohio area. They wanted better opportunities for their family than what was available at the time in Ohio and felt Colorado could offer more. 

They were right. They have several business that they run along with the food truck that includes hand made jewelry and real estate. The food truck was established in 2022 and has experienced amazing growth. If you are in Woodland Park, get them a try.

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