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Food Delivery Photo Shoot

You own a restaurant and have decided to partner with one or more delivery apps like DoorDash, Grubhub or Uber Eats. There are others. These are large marketplaces and a lot of local restaurants are on them.  There is a large customer base and that makes them very competitive.

These companies will hire a local photographer to photograph your menu for the app.  The reason that they have to photograph your menu is because they have specified a certain look for their app that their customers have come to expect and has made it easy for them to browse different restaurants.  The photographer they have hired will shoot your menu to the standards laid out in the style guide provided by the delivery app company that you have signed up for. If you have tried to use your own photos and they were not accepted, this is the reason.

The delivery app company will request your entire menu to be photographed. The amount of items they request can be excessive. In some cases they will request more items than you actually have. You are in charge of your restaurant.  Do the number of photos that you are comfortable with. Remember, this is an investment into your marketing and promotions. Don’t think of this shoot as wasting food, these images are how these apps sell your restaurant on their platforms.  They are good for as long as you are on the app. 

You may have hired a photographer to photograph your menu already. In most cases, these images are far too creative to use for the delivery app menu and will not be accepted.  Grubhub and Uber Eats are a little more flexible with this standard than DoorDash.  It is recommended to get a copy of the photo shoot from your photographer, even if you have had another photo shoot done. You can never have too many images of your menu to help promote your restaurant.

Additionally, make sure the contact information is up to date. Provide the restaurant information as well. All business partners should be in agreement that the restaurant will be on the delivery app. If you, the restaurant owner isn’t going to be present for the shoot, please let the photographer know who will be in charge.

Hope this was insightful and helpful.

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